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Rocklin Concrete Co. is the best choice for superior concrete construction in Rocklin because of its expertise, dedication to quality, and fantastic craftsmanship. Now, these are important factors to consider. Adding on to the benefits comes personalized service that’s warm and friendly like the California sun. We create the best quality work at reasonable rates that most times come with free estimates.

We specialize in repairs of precast, tilt-up, structural foundations and walls, parking structures, curbs, and gutters for commercial projects such as office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, and shopping centers. We also do standard residential concrete construction, including driveways, sidewalks, and patios.

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Rocklin Concrete Services

Concrete grinding and concrete expansion are ways that we can transform old flooring into freshly poured ones. The team smooths over an aged surface before applying a strong, attractive overlay to help revive the entire space. Get your patio or pool deck looking good again with one of our outdoor kitchens, which will add flair to your outside area. There’s nothing like having a fireplace constructed by our crew to make a barbecue more comfortable or a gathering more talkative. Rocklin Concrete Co.’s got it all.

Rocklin Stone Masonry

The beauty of excellent stone masonry is undeniable. Travertine, quartzite, limestone, and flagstone are popular materials. To see them, it’s only natural to stand in awe. Stone masonry produced by us is yet more spectacular. Our experience with construction methods and a passion for the craft results in near-breathtaking work with pavers, fireplaces, and fountains.

Pavers are used in impact areas such as patios, driveways, and pool decks. Granite, sandstone, and marble are only a few of the other gorgeous options available to you. The same can be said for our stone veneer, which looks best on vertical surfaces less prone to come into touch with people. Want to add a touch of artistry to your fireplace? Our team’s stacked stone services provide features such as edges and ridges in all the right places for projects like walls and fireplaces. On pillars, this method also has a positively alluring appearance. A phone call away is expert stone masonry.

Brick Masonry in Rocklin

Bricks like the ones we install are often used for driveways. It’s easy to see why. You always get amazing brickwork with driveways and other projects at Rocklin Concrete Co. We also install brick veneer, which, like stone, provides a spectacle for a lower price. Our brick walls may be straight or curved, or plain, or ornamental. They make a lasting statement about your home, and they can even support structures like garages and patios.

We’re one of the few companies that can truly say we aim to be available for our customers at any time because we always are. This is not an empty promise as well as a serious commitment from us towards you, our friends, and clients. Rocklin Concrete Co. offers free written estimates and on-site evaluations to help you get the most out of your project. For us, concrete construction remains an art form that is refined over time by combining experience with innovation. For more info, contact us today at (916) 621-6181.

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